Since 2012 I have been endorsing vandoren mouthpieces an reeds. I ran into vandoren by accident. During a soundcheck my tenor mouthpiece (at that time an old Otto Link) fell on the floor and was damaged severely. I had to get a new one for the gig and ran to the next and only music store in that bavarian village. I bought the only mouthpiece they had which was the Vandoren T95 metal mouthpiece which I am still playing. Since I had no choice I bought this only available tenor mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece worked perfectly well from the first tones I played. It was very close to my needs and taste. Objective parameters like precise response, balanced behavior on the entire register, enormous dynamic range convinced me on first sight. Subjectively I felt comfortable from the first moment on. What impressed me immediately was the great range of sound possibilities, of colors, of expressive possibilities. Different from most metal mouthpieces that I know, this one does not suggest a any too specific color by itself, it rather opens a wide range of possibilities and sound personalities all between round, smooth, airy fluffy and loud hard, very focussed and directional. Almost all I can imagine is playable on this one. I love it! :-)

In 2012 I also changed to Vandoren reeds.Vandorens concept to offer different kind of reeds of the same strength convinced me at the end to continue with vandoren reeds. This kind of helps to fit in last nuances of sound color to my personal needs and turns out as a very useful tool for the daily routine under different circumstances. I play Vandoren JAZZ size 3.

  •  born 1966 in Ratingen/Germany
  • Jazz and classik saxophone studies at Musikhochschule Köln (with Hugo Read and Wolfgang Engstfeld )
  • jazz-studies at Folkwangmusikhochschule Essen (with Matthias Nadolny )
  • 1994 Folkwang award für Musik
  • Tours in many different ensembles and bands, mainly contemporary music and jazz in Germany, Benelux, Usa, Mexiko, Central und Southamerica, Japon, Skandinavia, Greatbrittain, East and South Europe, China, Cuba.. Concerts on festivals in Tokio, Viersen, Leverkusen, Granada, Bergen, Budapest, Zürich, Brüssel, Berlin, Mailand, Madrid, Ljubljana, Eindhoven, Wien, Moers, Montreux etc.
  • 1994-99 Member of the belgium saxophone quartet ”Blindmann“ the ensemle is cultural embassador of Belgium
  • Since 1994 ”Valktrio“ 1995 cd production of ”what else could I do“ featuring Joachim Kühn.
  • Tv and radio broadcast productions
  • 1996-97 eight month trip to New York. Studies with Richie Beirch, Dave Liebman. Concerts with Chuck Clark, Ron Vincent, Loren Stillman a.o.
  • 1997 three month concert tour to Cuba. Collaboration with Ramón Valle, Felipe Cabrera (Gonzalo Rubalkaba-trio). Gigs radio and TV productions
  • in countless concerts, productions, recordings, coloaborations by the years I have had the wonderful opportunity  to work with so many exiting, inspiring musicians/artist that I can only name a few of them:
    Jürgen Friedrich, Kölner Saxophon Mafia, Reiner Witzel, Jan Oosthof, Andre Nendza, Valktrio, LCE, Klaus Kugel,Leon Delray, Pablo Held, Stefan Rademacher, New Bone, Barbara Dennerlein, Ben Bönniger, Daniel Messina, Patrick Riguelle, Jens Düppe, Roland Höppner, Arek Skolik, Klaus Stötter, Mimi Verderame, Alex Vesper, Wolli Kaiser,Norbert Scholly, Rainer Winterschladen, Eric Vloeimans, Jasper vant Hof, Frank Gratkowsky, Xaver Fischer, Hugo Read, Heiri Känzig, Reiner Winterschladen, Phil Minton, Freddy Köster, Gabriel Perez, Dieter Manderscheid, Christoph Titz, Werner Lauscher, Matthias Haus, Thomas Rückert, Ralph Beerkircher, Michel Massot, Claudio Puntin, Ack van Rooyen, Bob Meyer, Roger Hanschel, Jo Kraus, Jesse Millener, Rüdiger Baldauf, Paolo Fresu, CCJO, Klaus König, Christoph Hillmann, Sebastian Gahler, Joachim Kühn, Kenny Wheeler, Philippe Aerts, Francoise Deppe, Achim Kaufmann, Nils Tegen, Andreas Schickentanz, Sebastian Sternal, Hendrik Soll, Udo Schild, Roland Peil, Alex Vesper, Daniel Schroeteler, Steffen Schorn, Peter Ehwald, Phelippe Cabrera, Ramon Valle, Jonas Burgwinkel, Peter Weiss, Musikfabrik NRW, Werner Neumann, Klaus König Orchestra + Heartproject, Dave Liebman, and many more. . .
  • since 2001 teacher for Jazz-Saxophon at Musikhochschule Köln
  • since 2001 teacher for Jazz-Saxophon at Conservatorium Maastricht
  • 2001 release Valktrio “Two sets”
  • 2002 release Valktrio “in the wee small hours of the morning”
  • 2005 release Low Cut Experience “Colportage
  • 2006 release Valktrio “at work”
  • 2012 release “B’Bewitched” for European Saxophone Ensemble
  • 2012 release Sternal Valk “Lichtspielhaus”
  • 2013 featured soloist on the echo award winning recording “symphonic society” by Sebastian Sternal
  • 2014 “neuer deutscher Jazzpreis 2014″ “new german jazz award 2014″ best ensemble “Sternal Valk Duo” and best Soloist.